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Floc de Gascogne is a sweet, strong liqueur made by blending two thirds barely-fermented grape juice with one-third young Armagnac brandy. It is intended primarily to be served chilled or over ice as an aperitif or to drink with dessert and is produced according to a recipe that has been in use in the French region of Gascony since the 16th century.

The addition of the armagnac raises the alcohol strength to a level which kills the yeast, so arresting fermentation and leaving sweet unfermented grape sugars which are then matured for at least nine months in oak barrels.

Floc de Gascogne Rosé is rich in raspberry aromas and red fruits whilst the white is light and refreshing

‘Floc’ is transformed by the arrival of food, it becomes whole, the flavours rounded and the whole experience turns into a journey of taste sensations.